The LAMP team drive a process that will help identify business strengths and areas requiring strengthening.

THE CHALLENGE – At times in your business you see things that make you feel uncomfortable such as profit and margin reducing, costs increasing, customers complaining, staff not performing. You try things – sometimes they work; many times they don’t.  To avoid this frustration, effective change requires an understanding of the real underlying issues. We can help you to understand these issues and make effective, efficient and successful change.

The creators of LAMP have written a book that reflects our key principles and tells a story – built on a collection of experiences gained over many years – to better understand and act on business performance concerns. A central belief is that leaders and managers must attain a balance across four areas of concern outlined in our LAMP model, below.

Further to this, our team have also developed an organisational diagnostic questionnaire, designed to present you with facets that constantly challenge direction and impact the achievement of organisation strategic and work goals.

Business Diagnostic Questionnaire

Complete the business diagnostic questionnaire and take the first steps to develop abilities and confidence to deliver on strategy and engage the workforce.

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Our Services

We offer a range and blend of services designed to support a successful implementation of necessary changes that address personal and business challenges, which includes in-house and public programs, coaching as well as a series of self-directed learning modules aligned to the LAMP model. To view the modules click on the links below.

Oh Crap! eBook

We share with you a novel that brings to life several principles that we have found to be useful in supporting leaders and organisations deliver exceptional operational performance. The story is built on a collection of our colleagues’ experiences and ours. We believe it will engage, inspire and can be the impetus to build a greater level of awareness, knowledge and understanding on how to accomplish outstanding results for you, your colleagues and indeed your business.

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